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Homestead Modern

We are expert not only at managing vacation rentals, but also at designing and installing outdoor amenities that make a nice property special. We are not the only ones offering these sort of things. But no one does them with the quality and naturalistic touch that we offer. The competition is keen in the vacation rental market and the right outdoor touches ensure that properties are more likely to be booked, and at higher average nightly rates. Here are some of our outdoor improvement offerings:

Hot tubs are at the top of the list of features that can demonstrably boost revenue at vacation rentals. We install all makes and models and we are expert at knowing the best places to install them to ensure the biggest “wow” factor. And we do it all — including installing concrete pads and providing the necessary wiring and plumbing. From the low $6,000’s (Hot Tub not included) (photo at RRH)

We were among the first in the high desert to create “instant swimming pools” by converting galvanized steel stock tanks to “cowboy” tubs. In hot weather, renters are delighted to find a place to cool off. Cowboy tubs fill that bill economically and have the added advantage of being “Instagrammer magnets.” We convert stock tanks so that they have a rapid-fill capability and a quick-drain system. The idea is not to store water in them (as with a swimming pool or hot tub), thus avoiding the need to have them serviced. Instead they are drained after each use into underground perforated pipe that is installed adjacent to plants that can benefit from a little extra water. We have installed both round tanks (usually five or six feet in diameter) and smaller, oblong ones. From $XXX

A real, in-ground swimming poolis a rare thing inthe high desert. One reason for that has to do with concerns about evaporation given the scarcity of water — as well as the fear of attracting critters. But improvements in automatic pool covers have largely negated both issues. We are seeing more and more interest in in-ground swimming pools, especially at larger properties able to accommodate more guests. And there is a direct line between having a swimming pool and being able to charge high average nightly rates (and seeing more overall bookings). 


These pools do not need to be large. Even a pool as small as 10 feet by 15 feet can measurably add to your property’s rental value. Also, consider an in-pool spa. Including a heated spa with jets as part of your pool project saves money by allowing you to forgo a separate, free-standing hot tub. It also saves space since the pool and spa are integrated. From $XX,XXX for a 10 by 15 pool From $XX,XXX for a XX by XX pool with integrated spa (photo at WaKanda) 

 Everyone remembers their first outdoor shower experience at summer camp. We find this to be one of the most popular amenities you can provide your guests. And they can be surprisingly inexpensive to install. We typically try to find a suitable spot just outside an existing bathroom for the ease of access to both hot and cold water. From $1300.00 (photo at HM1)

There is nothing quite so sublime as sitting in front of a warm fire in the high desert while stargazing on a cool evening. The easiest way to provide this experience to your guests is to offer a propane-fueled fire feature. One of the simplest ways to do this is to take a large, steel Chinese wok, add three short steel legs and a fire ring and — presto — an inexpensive fire feature that invites people to pull up chairs on all sides. We often install these with flexible hoses and quick-connect fittings so you can move it to accommodate other activities. We also offer more elaborate firefeatures, such as ones fashioned around a gabbion — a wire cage filled with rocks. Whether a wok or a gabbion — or something else — we always recommend that you have us install a timer. Renters are famous for retiring to bed and leaving the fire pit going strong — all night long. We also will install a key-less valve that allows you to pre-set the maximum flame height. From $950 for wok fire features From $X,XXX for gabbion fire features (photos at HM1 and S1)   

They may not be sexy, but operationally we find having a street-side trash and recycling enclosure a big boon for operation of a vacation rental property. They allow trash and recycling bins to be kept where you want them — adjacent to the street and the disposal trucks that service them — without offending neighbors by making them look at the bins all week. We typically build them out of corrugated raw steel that we spray with apple vinegar so that they develop a rich patina that helps them “disappear.” $580 for three-sided enclosures measuring - 3’ x 10’ x 3’ $680 for four-sided enclosures measuring XX by XX $780 for three-sided enclosures suitable for the larger, wheeled bins $1300 for four-sided enclosures, with gate, suitable for the larger, wheeled bins (photo at HM1)