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Homestead Modern

Parking for two vehicles and two ample storage closets.

*See below for inclusions and exclusions

What’s Included in HMCP

HMCP consists of parking for two vehicles and two ample storage closets. It offers approximately 785 square feet of covered parking on a 510 square foot concrete slab. 

HMCP base model presumes slab-on-grade construction and includes: 


  • Framing: Traditional wood framing
  • Roof: Torch down flat roof with 4’ overhangs on the ends and 2’ overhangs on the sides
  • Fascia: Galvanized flat steel 
  • Under eaves:  Fiber cement panels


  • Plumbed and wired for stacked full-size washer and dryer (dryer can be propane/natural gas or electric) 
  • Space for shelving 


  • Leviton Decora tamper-resistant plugs 
  • Leviton Decora quiet switches 
  • 100-amp sub electric panel 


  • 16’ wide solid-core exterior doors (with 3’ wide leaves)


  • Fire sprinklers, etc. per code (does not include other related equipment required if house is to be serviced by a well)

Interior Walls

  • Orange peel finished 5/8th-inch drywall with primer and finish paint


  • Empty 2” conduit from roof to sub electric panel to accommodate future solar system wiring requirements
  • Renergy requirement) consultant fee
  • General contractor fee
  • Homestead Modern fee

What’s Excluded in HMCP

The following items are among those items not included in pricing for the Homestead Modern base model homes.  That’s because the cost of these items will vary from property to property and from buyer to buyer.

  1. Boundary surveying
  2. Topography map surveying (if necessary)
  3. Soils report by geotechnical firm (if required)
  4. Architectural fees for siting the structure(s) on your lot
  5. Permits
  6. School fees
  7. Grading/site prep

Homestead Modern will provide landowners with a free rough-order-o-magnitude estimate for these items.  Landowner simply need to provide HM wit the APN (assessor parcel number) or address of their property.

A tighter cost estimate can be provided.  We charge $85 per hour to generate these estimates.  

Options and Upgrades

Homestead Modern offers a range of optional upgrades.


  • Siding:  Wood or stucco
  • Fascia: Raw steel

Interior Walls

  • Architectural smooth finished 5/8th-inch drywall with primer and finished paint


  • ????





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